Outdoors in the Ozarks

You are invited to attend our private group info presentation introducing you to the opportunity to be 1 of 25 Class A Fouding Charter Members of our new Springfield Sportsmen's Organization which will provide you with exclusive, personal use of 100's of private farms in several states to hunt all legal game, camp, and fish in private ponds, lakes and stips pits. We guarantee you will have any land you have reserved all to yourself. No need to share land with strangers, or knock on doorsto ask permission!

Stay on this page to hear our recorded message, and then follow the link to fill out our email form. If you'd prefer to speak to a live person instead give us a call at 417-865-HUNT(4868). There is absolutely no obligation, we do not practice high (or low) pressure sales tactics. We know you'll be glad if you attend, and you will be entitles to win one of several door prizes we will give away at the meeting.

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You are invited, to attend a private information presentation, just for 25 Springfield Sportsmen.

You are one of a small number of select hunters we are inviting to attend our group presentation, just for Springfield area hunters. We have a very special offer for just 25 hunters, who want affordable, quality private farms available, which you can reserve just for yourself and your friends, whenever you want exclusive private use of a farm to go hunting, fishing and camping.

All game and habitat is natural, hunted only by fair chase, during the standard season dates set by each state. No game is released or confined by high fences. Our nationwide affiliate and mentor started 23 years ago, just like we are doing now. Many of their original members have not had to pay any dues after their first few years, and ever since they have enjoyed unlimited hunting on private reserved land FREE, and will for the rest of their life. Even YOUR 1st year can be Free!

We offer low cost, high quality hunting on private farms, in several states, for every type of natural native game in each state, including Quail, Pheasant, Whitetail and Mule Deer, Eastern, Rio and Merriams turkeys, ducks, geese, prairie chicken, grouse, elk, antelope, hog, bear, and more.

Save time, gas, money, drive less, see more game, spend less time scouting, hunt more, and enjoy private hunting on natural working farms, reserved just for you, your family and friends. No other hunters will be on the land when you have it reserved, it's yours!

Leave your checkbook and plastic cards at home, we won't pressure you to make a decision, but Please bring your hunting buddies too. They are welcome, if they have reserved a seat.

The entire presentation takes about an hour. See our videos, photos, maps, online reservation system, hear our history and plans. Listen to a great no risk, unbelievably low cost offer, and receive free door prizes without obligation, just for attending. Bring this card to our presentation, use it to enter our drawing for valuable door prizes.

All questions will be answered only at the group meeting, so all hunters can hear all questions and answers. Your cooperation will be sincerely appreciated by all other hunters in attendance. Your personal attendance is required, so you can see and hear the entire presentation.

This is not a time share presentation with high or low pressure sales tactics, we don't like those ourselves. This is a NO pressure information presentation with your questions and our answers. We only want to present to a group of sportsmen including you, full information and details of the opportunity you have, to get in on the ground floor as a Founding Charter Member of our new Springfield affiliate. We will be your gateway to Private Land in the Ozarks as well as throughout the Midwest, and soon all of the USA.

To make your tentative reservations, just click on the link (click here) to get the email form so you can pick the meeting day and time you prefer, email us your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice, along with your contact information. We will confirm your reservation by phone or email. Please do not bring small children, because they may become restless and disrupt the meeting.

Invite your friends, and add them to your reservation, or give them the link to hear this message too. You can listen 24/7 as many times as you wish. Don't miss this opportunity! Reserve your seats now while the chance to be a Founding Charter Member is still available. You'll be glad you came!

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